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We got to know each other through the common hobby "gymnastics", at a competition in 2006. This passion brought us together. Bettina was already infected by the surf virus at that time and persuaded me to accompany her to France. It's like an addiction. The feeling of surfing the first wave is indescribable. In short, after the first surf trip I was also infected by the virus. After that we spent every holiday in the waves. From France, Portugal, Morocco, Costa Rica to Bali, everywhere we tried to become better surfers. But with max. 3 weeks vacation, we noticed fast that we must start again and again from the beginning. This fact and my wish to spend a year at the sea led us to Panama. This was the best option as Bettina provided the conditions to surf and learn Spanish without a wetsuit. To be on the safe side, we travelled Panama for two weeks in 2011. We felt at home right away. Together we decided to travel to Panama for a whole year in July 2012. After our stay it was clear to us that we could no longer live without the sea. Even before we returned to Switzerland, we decided to live in Panama for 6 months and in Switzerland for 6 months per year. We rented an apartment in Zurich, which we can always sublet well. The first 2 years we lived this rhythm, worked in Switzerland and did volunteer jobs in Panama. But soon we knew that we wanted to try to build our own existence. Of course we were afraid and worried at the beginning, but as the saying goes:

"Who doesn't dare, doesn't win".

Between July 2015 and January 2016 we built our own home. With the help of friends, we were able to build most of it ourselves. For financial reasons, we missed a year and travelled Panama for "only" 4 months. In summer 2017 we were well prepared.

and newly married, we travelled to Guanico. From the first moment on, we worked motivated and with great passion on our Surf House. Fortunately we were supported by family and friends for most of the time. Without this help we would not have made it.

After a good 12 months and the hardest year of our lives, as Bettina always mentions, we are now happy to share our little paradise with you.

Surf House Panama
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