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Surf House Panama


Surf House Panama

Our salt water pool is the first "beachfront pool" in Guanico and offers optimal refreshment. As the name suggests, we use salt instead of chemical chlorine to clean the water. For ecological and health reasons we have chosen this option. The salt in the water is converted to chlorine by salt electrolysis. The salt is hardly noticeable in the water and does not burn in the eyes. On the contrary, the water feels very pleasant on the skin and is good for the skin. The pool is suitable for all ages.


A good 5 minutes by car from the Surf House is the "Guanico Store", where you can get everything you need to survive. You can get a little more choice in the nearest town, Tonosi. This is a good 20 minutes away from the Surf House. If you are looking for a little more product choice, you will find Las Tablas (1.5h drive) or Chitre (2h drive). There is also the possibility to reach the places by bus.


We from Surf House "el fin del mundo" offer all our guests twice a week a lift to Tonosi for shopping. If there is not enough space, you can also place an order.

Bananen Panama


Surf HousePanama

Cantina Playa Guanico

In Guanico Abajo itself there are three small local restaurants. The localities are all located directly at the sea and offer a typical Panamanian ambience. Roberto Diaz, the owner of the Joron Playa Guanico, forms with his Cantina the meeting zone at the beach. Its fresh sea food attracts many locals and tourists to Playa Guanico Abajo. It is also possible to enjoy an ice-cold beer "Cerveza bien fria" at any time.

The nearby village of Cambutal offers a little more variety. In about 25 minutes you reach the beach, where you can choose between national and international dishes.

Those who are looking for a little more party and tourism will get their money's worth in Playa Venao. Also here, one finds various restaurants, bars, etc..

If you are looking for typical panamanian food, or if you are looking for a cheap meal, you can choose one of the restaurants in Tonosi.


For longer stays (from at least 1 week) the rooms are cleaned once a week and the bed linen and towels are changed. On request we can of course also offer this more often, but for ecological reasons we do not want to burden nature unnecessarily. If you have special wishes, please feel free to contact us personally at any time.


Panama is an Eldorado for every surfer. Advanced surfers as well as beginners can enjoy themselves here. Playa Guanico, our homebreak, is a brookbreak, which lies at the Pacific in the province Los Santos. Right on our doorstep the waves break 365 days a year. They are bigger or smaller depending on the season. However, we have the big advantage that we can always decide from the terrace whether we want to surf or not. The waves are ideal for every surfer, with large swells waves up to 8 feet can arise. If the swell is too big, there are always alternative possibilities. So if you want to pursue your passion on a swell constant beach, without a big growd, you've come to the right place.


As an alternative there are different spots in the region available. 

In Cambutal there are also advanced beach breakers at various point breaks. 

Playa Venao offers a beachbreak, which on good days, conjures up perfect waves.


During the months of November to March, the surfing season is high on the Caribbean coast. During these months nature produces world class waves that break in front of breathtaking natural scenery.


There are still countless surf spots to discover in Panama. Who would like to know more about these, or the spots listed above, can inform himself under the following links:


Playa Guanico:



Playa Cambutal "Corto Circuito":



Playa Cambutal Quatro-Once 411:



Playa Venao:








Corto Circuito

Corto Circuito

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