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Arrivel by Bus:

Panama City                    Las Tablas                 Tonosi                      Guanico abajo

ATTETION: There is also a GUANICO ARRIBA, please do not confuse!!!!


  • From Panama Tocumen Airport to Panama City Center it is about 30 minutes by taxi. ($30)

  • In Panama City take the bus to Las Tablas at the Albrook Bus Terminal (duration: 4.5h / $9.70).

The bus takes a break halfway along the way. There is no toilet in the bus and the temperatures are often quite cold, as they are actually always equipped with air conditioning.

  • In Las Tablas you have to change the bus terminal. As it would be much too far on foot, it is best to get a taxi. 

  • From Las Tablas to Tonosi there is a bus every hour (duration 1h/ $3.50). 

There is 1x daily even a direct bus from Las Tablas to Playa Guanico abajo. Who misses the last bus at 16.00h, has to take a taxi (costs approx. $60 directly to Guanico abajo).

  • In Tonosi the bus goes only 2x daily to Guanico abajo, in the morning at 10.00 o'clock and in the afternoon at 14.00 o'clock (duration 30min./ $1.50). 

If you want to take a taxi from Tonosi to Guanico, you pay $10.

Panama City               Tonosi                   Guanico abajo


There is also a direct bus from Panama City to Tonosi and vice versa, only 1x/day. (Duration approx. 6.5h/ $12)

  • Panama               Tonosi:                  Departure 7.00 a.m.

  • Tonosi                  Panama City:      Departure 9.00 a.m.

  • In Tonosi the bus goes only 2x daily to Guanico abajo, in the morning at 10.00 o'clock and in the afternoon at 14.00 o'clock (duration 30min./ $1.50). 

If you want to take a taxi from Tonosi to Guanico, you pay $10.

Directions by rental car:

With your thoroughly checked and operational rental vehicle, optimally equipped with GPS or Google Maps, you leave Panama City first over the bridge "Puente de las Américas".

When you have left the bridge, drive about 3 hours in the direction of Divisa.

Before you arrive at Divisa, there is a road sign indicating the direction to Pedasi. This is the road you have to follow. At this point you leave the Panamericana Highway. The turn-off is on the right side and leads you over a small bridge. Now drive towards Chitre and then to Las Tablas.

You drive straight down the main road until you reach a traffic light after a roundabout. At the traffic light continue in the direction of Tonost. You will reach an intersection with a green house, which is labeled "Electronic Café". Turn left there and immediately afterwards, turn right again into a side street in front of Bank Banistmo. Follow the road until you reach the point where the road ends. Then turn left into the street. After about 100 metres, turn right in front of a yellow building.


Now you are on the road to Valle Rico. This beautifully paved mountain road takes you over the mountains for about an hour. Once in the valley, turn left at the large cantina (typical Panamanian bar). 

Drive straight on for about 5 minutes until you reach the next crossroads. Now turn right. About 5 minutes later you will reach the small town of Tonosi.


At the entrance of Tonosi there is a gas station on the right, this is also the last possibility to refuel to Guanico. On the left side there is also the Banco National (last possibility to get money).

At the Banco National turn right and follow the road. At the big intersection keep left. On the left side you will see a blue sign indicating the surrounding villages, among them Playa Guanico. 

It is a 20 minute drive from Tonosi to Guanico. During the drive you will pass the sign indicating the direction to Bucaro.  At this point you simply continue straight ahead. About 5 minutes later, a blue sign with the inscription Playa Guanico appears on the right side. On the left side you can see different coloured signs, on one side you see the inscription "Surf House el in del mundo". At this intersection turn left and follow the road until you reach the sea by car. There you turn left and drive about 200 meters until the road ends. 

At this point you will see our little paradise. 

Please note the speed limits, as police officers on motorcycles, with radar pistols, along the motorways make speed controls.


Google route planer (please click here): Panama City Tocumen Int. Airport                Guanico abajo

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